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Female Zombie Costume Ideas

Since the zombie movies hit the world such as the 1968 film “Night of the Living Dead” “Zombie Strippers” and zombies were associated with legends for years at the same time, zombies have steadily become a bigger part of popular culture. Zombie costumes become more common among party goers both during Halloween and on other costume parties. That’s why we can easily see many ladies appear in a zombie look for horror theme parties. For a lady, she always wants to hit the party and be the focus on the party. So they usually spend much time and energy on their costume, makeup and any other part of their zombie look in order to be special enough. Do you know how to find the zombie costume ideas for ladies?

First, think about the zombie bride costume. A zombie bride costume can be made with an old wedding dress and veil. Zombies are dirty and bloody from lurching, falling and feeding on flesh. Simulate dirt with soot, brown crayon or paint or actual dirt. Use a sponge to sponge on acrylic paint or fake blood for blood on the gown. You need layers of fake blood to create a realistic blood color.

Second, zombie nurse is another choice. Zombie costumes are the best ways to create a horror style on Halloween. The sexy zombie nurse can be created by rubbing dirt on the costume. Ripping the skirt in slit to show leg is a good way to bring out the sexy effect. The dress can be a red cross on one side around the chest area and should fit tightly around the body. You have to get dirty white heels, fishnet stockings and a nurse’s hat to match the costume.

Third, you can have a try a zombie police costume. Police costumes are as popular as zombie costumes. Mixing these two styles is really a perfect choice.  
At last, take the zombie makeup into much consideration. Whatever you choose the bride zombie costume or the nurse zombie outfit or any other zombie attires, you need do a perfect zombie makeup to complete the zombie look. Zombies are usually gray, pale or blackened and dirty like severely decomposed flesh. The easiest zombie makeup consists of gray grease paint. Smear the gray grease paint over your face. Brown grease paint can be smudged onto your face with cosmetic sponges to simulate dirt streaks. Gray, brown and black eye shadow, eyeliner or blow pencil can be used to color the entire face.


Ideas for Sexy Halloween Costumes

Halloween is a good chance to wear whatever you want dependent on your party theme. You can choose a sexy style or horror, magic, wild or any other styles than can express your uniqueness. Some women get a little bit wild on Halloween, and pick from the wild variety of sexy versions of costume classics. Today I focus on several sexy Halloween costume ideas for your choice.

ImageFirst, think about the occupation Nurse costume. The sexy Nurse is one of the most common Halloween choices for ladies. Pick up a vinyl nurse outfit for a truly racy costume, or choose a short white lab coat with opaque tights and surgical booties for a more realistic but still sexy ensemble. Wear your hair in pigtails with a nurse hat or wear a surgical mask to complete the nurse look.

ImageSecond, take the superhero costume into consideration. You have many different female superheroes to choose from at Halloween. Wonder Woman, Bat Girl, Cat Woman are all sexy superhero characters with instantly recognizable outfits. You can use photographs from cartoons or comic books to get inspiration to create your own sexy costumes of superhero.

ImageThird, focus on the pirate costume. The sexy female pirate costume is a versatile costume that needs only a lace-up corset and a sword. Of course you can get creative sexy pirate costume idea. Dress in a tattered, old fashioned dress with your hair loose and wild.
Let’s choose a sexy costume to rock the party, are you ready?

How to Find Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids

Halloween is one of the best holidays for kids and adults to dress up as someone (or something) for a night, have fun and enjoy delicious food. There are so many costumes to choose from, we often have no idea to decide which one is the best choice. Today I introduce some Halloween costume ideas to help you to choose a great Halloween costume for your children.


First, you can pick up Standard Halloween costumes. Standard Halloween costumes will never go out of style. Sure, they probably not are special and unique enough, but they can be fun as others. A sheet with two holes for a ghost costume may be a little too standard and too simple, but skeleton, pirates, zombies, witches and princesses are all standard ideas that you can choose. For children under 4, the standard are great because they’re easy to wear, children love them.
Second, focus on the cartoon character. Every child loves cartoons and any one of kids love Halloween, so mixing the two is a great idea. Disney characters such as Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Cinderella and other characters are popular Halloween costumes for kids. This is a good way to break away from the scary aspects of Halloween and only focus on the fun part. These costumes are great ideas because they can be found in any Halloween store and online shop.
Third, have try on occupations & Career costumes. Sometimes, the easiest way to choose a Halloween costume for a child is to ask them “what do you want to be when you grow up?” Usually they want to be is what they’re currently into. There are costumes for astronauts, doctors, sailors, soccer players and so on. If your child wants to be a doctor, get a doctor’s costume for them.
At last, make your own. Many people choose to make their own unique costumes for their kids when they throw a family Halloween party. There are home-made peanut butter and jelly sandwich costumes, cheese costumes and animal costumes. Usually the costumes we make create a funny style. If your child thinks of something special she wishes to be, there may be easy do-it-yourself directions online. Children change their minds a lot, so don’t be discouraged if something they want isn’t available. Chances are, they’ll want to be something else next week.

Horror Halloween Costumes for Adult

Halloween, for the most part is a scary holiday. Its origins are based on the folklore of the dead coming back to life and roaming the earth. Dead people have a way of being a little scary and frightening to the world of the living. Some words that play along with the Halloween holiday also support the fear factor, eerie, ghoulish, terrifying, bloodcurdling, haunted and evil are all words that send a chill down the spine of many.


To further escalate the scare concept, Hollywood has brought to life on the big screen many horror movies with demonic characters that seem to become bigger than life during Halloween; Freddy, Jason, Michael Myers, Leather face, Chucky and the Boogie Man, along with witches, vampires, werewolves and zombies.