Top Costumes for Halloween 2013

We’re less than 100 days away from Halloween 2013! That means it’s time to start thinking about what you want to be this year. Whether you’re going to go alone, or rock some themed costumes with a group of friends, our shop m-cosplay has collected a tons of new costumes for 2013. Let’s share the top costume themes for year.

Star Wars costumes absolutely the first choice for your Halloween 2013. Those bodysuits show off your hot figure.

The film -The Wolverine/X-Men hit theaters around the world. The story focuses on the title hero. Everyone dreams to be hero. If you want to be superhero like Wolverine &X-Men, just wear a classic comics’ yellow and black uniform to be a truly hero.

As long as the seven seas have been sailed, pirate costumes have been a classic, yet versatile Halloween mainstay. That’s why we’re still loving them in 2013. You can be brutal pirate or a sexy pirate wench. Just take a look at the gorgeous black and red pirate wench costume. Really very sexy and cool.
Star Wars costumes , The Wolverine/X-Men costumes and pirate costumes, which style will you choose for Halloween this year.


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